Our History

In the multifaceted realm of healthcare, One Horizon Medical Management emerged from a crucial recognition: the indispensable need for a tailored platform in medical billing and coding. Each medical discipline, from general physicians to physiotherapists and psychiatrists, merits a steadfast foundation for billing precision. Our initial market research unveiled a stark discrepancy. Absent a specialized internal team, numerous healthcare professionals grappled with maintaining optimal billing processes. This revelation shaped our core objective: to bestow the rigor and attention-to-detail of an in-house billing and coding unit, devoid of the associated overheads. Within the intricate tapestry of medical billing and coding, each department holds paramount significance. From the inception at patient registration to the culmination in claims processing, and the intricate dance of coding diagnostics to final billing, every stage is vital. Acknowledging this, One Horizon Medical Management has been meticulously crafted to ensure each department’s needs are met with unmatched precision and adaptability. Our platform, while versatile for a range of specialties, underscores the importance of real-time transparency into the Accounts Receivable (AR) status, offering unparalleled benefits to a wide array of medical establishments. Opting for One Horizon Medical Management isn’t merely a service choice; it’s an alliance with a vision that underscores your growth, seamless operations, and financial transparency.